Recovery Specialist

The new way
of exploring storage

Superior ability to rehabilitate IT storage media and our reputation as a trusted supplier to distributors around the world translate to maximum investment recovery for OEMs and ODMs, component makers, service providers, enterprise IT organizations, carriers, content providers and other ITAD partners.

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New way of technology

This is where the magic happens. Everything we handle comes into our secure facility where it is logged, labelled and sent for initial sorting and testing to determine if repairs are needed to make it serviceable for resale.

While YINHU deals with all manner of electronic products, our facility is optimized for handling storage media like hard disk drives, many of which contain sensitive customer data when they arrive at our door. These units are securely screened to determine if hardware or software repairs are needed prior to erasure and reformatting.

What sets YINHU apart is what happens to the HDDs that don’t pass muster in that initial stage. While many ITAD and recycling firms are content to dispose of those units, we’re committed to keeping as many drives as possible out of the shredder and headed to market for resale, instead. To meet that goal, troublesome units are sent through a longer and more intense software repair cycle that leverages our own proprietary software to increase yield while also eliminating all existing data to NIST 800-88 standards. This unique “second-chance” capability, along with our ability to physically repair damaged drives, lets us salvage nearly every HDD we receive in order to deliver maximum investment recovery for our clients

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  • We handle all phases of the ITAD process so your equipment is never out of our control as it moves through our proprietary stages for analysis, repair and refurbishing.
  • Our core competencies in value recovery, security, sustainability and quality control deliver the results high-tech manufacturers require to provide end-of-life support.
  • Our ability to serve the most demanding organisations makes The ITAD Works the ideal partner to serve the needs of a prime contract holder's customer
  • Our systems, control mechanisms, infrastructure and skilled resource combine to build value and deliver uncompromising compliance to support the changing requirements of our customers.

Meet scientists

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We are experts in storage media value recovery. We bridge the gap between sellers of used and surplus IT storage assets and buyers of high-quality refurbished technology components. Our trusted processes, combined with our uncompromising standards, get you the highest value for your assets while protecting your brand. And our international reach and deep relationships allow us to connect sellers and buyers on a global scale.

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